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1,640.00грн. 1,320.00грн.
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1,360.00грн. 999.00грн.
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VT 701f - Table Tennis Bat New
VT 701f is a bat with a perfect ball's feeling for allround style of play with accent on attack. ..

VT 1001f Carbon Pro Line Table Tennis Bat New -20%
This racket represents a dream of any attacking player. Due to using the layers of selected wood and..
1,640.00грн. 1,320.00грн.

VT 801f Pro Line Table Tennis Bat New
This is the top level attacking racket. It allows to realize easily all your game plans. Your attack..

VT 702f - Table Tennis Bat New
This table tennis racket is made specially for the players who are successful both in attack and def..

VT 701w - Table Tennis Bat New -8%
The racket VT701w has been developed for all-round style of play with perfect ball's control. It ..
360.00грн. 330.00грн.

VT 1001w Pro Line Table Tennis Bat New -27%
The racket is intended for acutely attacking game with unique ball feeling. The blade is made of spe..
1,360.00грн. 999.00грн.

VT 801w Pro Line Table Tennis Bat New -36%
It is an attacking racket of the competitive level with perfect sense of control. If your priority i..
860.00грн. 550.00грн.

VT 501f - Table Tennis Bat New
The racket of this series personifies attack and is associated with fire – it is not accidental that..

YINHE 8022 is a stylish and original case, which protects your racket from external unfavorable cond..

YASAKA Battle Balsa – Table Tennis Blade -24%
A light YASAKA Battle Balsa continues a popular blade series made with usage of balsa tree from Yasa..
1,320.00грн. 1,000.00грн.

YASAKA Rakza X – Table Tennis Rubber -13%
Yasaka Company is continuously improving the quality of their products. The result of this job is em..
1,280.00грн. 1,120.00грн.

A great popularity of Yinhe (Milkyway) Neptune is explained by its perfect playing abilities. The..

GALAXY Uranus U-2 is a powerful attacking blade with a perfect ball’s control. The wood composition ..

Offensive players which like fast rubbers will be pleased with YINHE Jupiter.   According to..

A newest development from Milky Way the rubber YINHE Apollo III is made according to Factory Tuned t..

729 FX Euro Light (EL) is one of the lightest rubbers you will ever stick on your blade. Thin and no..
348.00грн. 276.00грн.
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YINHE Elastic Recovery –  Rubber Cleaner (75ml.) -10%
YINHE Elastic Recovery is a cleaning spray for your rubber. It excellent works together with a clean..
110.00грн. 99.00грн.

Durable and hard competition balls with the best quality/price relation.   ..

For the daily cleaning of your rubbers, 200 ml spray. Made in Sweden. ..

A high control and good attacking properties are the key qualities of the blade 729 Friendship C2. T..

GLOBE Cleaning sponge -34%
For the daily cleaning of your rubbers. 85mm х 57mm х 15mm ..
76.00грн. 50.00грн.

Beautiful designs in artistic color match. Not only protect your racket but create more prominent..

In an updated version of the famous rubber YINHE Milky Way Mercury II the experts have managed to im..

Speed glue available in 250 ml can with brush. ..

729 Friendship Super 3 stars is a bat of a competition level, which assembled from professional comp..

729 Higher Transcend -36%
High speed inverted rubber superior speed and spin suitable for mid distance loop Made with..
518.80грн. 332.00грн.

Sanwei Edge Tape (width 8mm) -20%
It protects your bat from accidental hits against the table thanks to a foam layer. It is long enoug..
50.00грн. 40.00грн.

729 GeoSpin Tacky -42%
High speed inverted rubber Light weight Powerful air cell sponge(42deg) Profound glue effec..
480.00грн. 276.00грн.
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729 Table Tennis Case (small) -25%
This table tennis case with original design not only protects you racket, but also give you a stylis..
100.00грн. 75.00грн.

729 Black WhirlWind -21%
729 Black WhirlWind is an attractive styled blade for modern all-rounders or defenders. It is a defe..
560.00грн. 440.00грн.

YASAKA Mark V HPS -18%
The result of a completely new formula for the sponge – combined with the top sheet of MARK V: MA..
1,200.00грн. 990.00грн.

YASAKA Galaxya Table Tennis Blade -26%
The new Yasaka blade GALAXYA has been developed by Japanese players in close collaboration with Yasa..
1,520.00грн. 1,120.00грн.

Speed: 15 Spin: 10 Control: 8++ ..

729 Focus II Table Tennis Rubber -17%
New concept in Chinese rubber. Increased elasticity with an extremely flexible under pip structure g..
400.00грн. 330.00грн.

YASAKA Extra Table Tennis Blade -16%
The Champion's choice. Testing together with Jean-Philippe Gatien we found the optimal combination o..
920.00грн. 770.00грн.
Based on 3 reviews.

GIANT DRAGON  Lonquan основание для настольного тенниса -8%
It is a dynamic and powerful 9-ply attacking blade. Even with a blade that is very fast you will fee..
600.00грн. 550.00грн.

GIANT DRAGON Superveloce V12 Sound – Table Tennis Rubber -28%
GIANT DRAGON Superveloce V12 Sound is one of the best successful  developments of European tens..
500.00грн. 360.00грн.

Practicing 40 mm ball for hobby and leisure. Good qualiy and durability for reasonable price. ..

YASAKA Amari royal -40%
AMARI comes in 3 different colour combinations, with the main colours navy blue, red and green respe..
800.00грн. 480.00грн.

YASAKA AntiPower -2%
The rubber, which neutralizes the spin thanks to the low friction and the moderating qualities of th..
900.00грн. 880.00грн.

YASAKA Balsa Table Tennis Blade -16%
For players looking for the ultimate light blade, Yasaka BALSA is a perfect choice. Using the very l..
1,140.00грн. 960.00грн.

YASAKA Clicky Press -3%
RACKET PRESS After glueing, insert your bat in the Clicky Press for better glueing result. Mad..
800.00грн. 780.00грн.

YASAKA Dynamix 17 -31%
Yasaka DYNAMIX 17 is a state of the art product. 17 layers and a weight of around 90 grams gives the..
1,800.00грн. 1,250.00грн.
Based on 1 reviews.

YASAKA Extra 3D -21%
The optimal combination of material and treatment to give a balance between feeling and power, suita..
980.00грн. 770.00грн.
Based on 1 reviews.

YASAKA Extra Offensive 7 Power -11%
In the last few years, Yasakas EXTRA OFFENSIVE has been a big success, appreciated by players all ov..
1,330.00грн. 1,190.00грн.

YASAKA F-Shirt royal -19%
High performance function shirt with half zip. 65% cotton, 35% polyester plain jersey. Comes in two ..
940.00грн. 760.00грн.

For the daily cleaning of your rubbers. 90mm х 60mm х 15mm ..
Based on 1 reviews.

YASAKA Ma Lin Carbon -22%
It is a brand new blade. Ma Lin now plays with this blade. Ma Lin Carbon is a perfect ballance betwe..
1,480.00грн. 1,150.00грн.
Based on 3 reviews.

YASAKA Ma Lin EXTRA Offensive -15%
2007 the Chinese superstar Ma Lin dominated the PRO TOUR, by collecting more points and price money ..
1,160.00грн. 990.00грн.