JUIC Pips Ace (середні шипи) -36%
Накладка з високим коефіцієнтом тертя для виконання накату, обертання, удару та гри у сітки. Відм..
1,320.00грн. 849.00грн.

The first water based solid type table tennis glueon the earth! Contents: 50 ml. Composition: poly..

Easy and simple to use. You can play immediately after gluing your rubbers. It helps ball control. ..

JUIC 989 makes it possible to play with accelerated drive and versatile services in addition to the ..

JUIC 999 Elite Defense -32%
Fantastic! The new JUIC defense sponge is combined with the very popular spinny and fast JUIC 999 El..
1,000.00грн. 680.00грн.

JUIC 999 Elite Nano Table Tennis Rubber -25%
With the newest Japanese nano-technology and with the process of fusion-pulverization-reunion of nan..
1,120.00грн. 840.00грн.

JUIC 999 Elite ULTIMA -32%
Fantastic! The new JUIC Ultima high tension sponge is combined with the very popular spinny and fast..
1,000.00грн. 680.00грн.
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Juic Air Carbon C8 Carbon Table Tennis Blade -25%
An attacking blade that offers a relatively soft and controlled feeling even at high speed. This bla..
2,520.00грн. 1,900.01грн.
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JUIC Air Condle Table Tennis Rubber -37%
Now in order to obtain better speed than before, more players play with a racket with new material (..
1,280.00грн. 800.00грн.

JUIC Air G6 OFF- Table Tennis Blade -16%
Easy to control medium fast blade. Good shock absorption and spin orientated. Well balanced. ..
1,900.00грн. 1,600.00грн.

It is an OFF+ rated blade, weighing around 75g, and consisting of a thick center layer of balsa comb..

Balsa and Texalium, a unique combination! Great for the topspin player who plays at the middle range..

For Defensive Players. Any extremely high spin ball can be easily received with the JUIC Anti Sup..

Table tennis rubber cleaner contains no VOC. Usage: For stain and dust removal from the surface of t..

JUIC Couga -19%
JUIC has developed one of the first NANO-Tech rubber sheets in the World. With the NANO-material (..
1,240.00грн. 1,000.00грн.
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