Переглядів: 6961 Модель: Blades_GDragon_Kris
Наявність: Out Of Stock
Кількість: До кошика

It is a combination blade and very light weight blade made by balsa.The plys have been selected to produce a blade with the two sides of the blades at different speeds. The backhand is slower with more control and the forehand is faster.

Giant Dragon has definitely turned a new leaf with this new range of blade. These blade are of high quality and have a very nice finish. The thick and soft inner balsa layer looks and feels the same as found in much higher priced balsa blades, and the different speeds on either side of the blade make it quite unique and excellent value.

This blade would make an excellent combination blade, with a fast and spinny rubber on one side, and a much slower (and possible pimple or antispin) rubber on the other side. Style best suited would be an offensive close-to-the-table hitter/counter-hitter/blocker style game.

Plies: 5

  • Forehand Off: Speed: 88 Control: 90
  • Backhand Def: Speed: 65 Control: 96
    Weight: 82 grams
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