TSP Actor Table Tennis Rubber

-17% TSP Actor Table Tennis Rubber
Переглядів: 5069 Модель: Rubbers_TSP_Actor
Наявність: Out Of Stock
1,200.00грн. 996.40грн.
Кількість: До кошика
It is a dynamic, offensive rubber with soft feeling. The medium hard sponge furthers a powerful, offensive game with enough control for the game close to the table.

TSP Actor is a unique, elastic, built in power rubber that will give you great power and control. It's advanced molecular composition gives you a top sheet that will maximise the elasticity of it's synthetic rubber and the adhesive power of it's natural power content.

The unique compound of both natural and state of the art synthetic rubbers allows TSP Actor to produce the ultimate in powerful offensive spins.

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