TSP Agrit

TSP Agrit
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  • sensational speed glue effect thanks to the Dynamic Tension technology;
  • perfect symbiosis between progress and quality Made in Japan;
  • the surface has a lot of grip and a soft touch;
  • fantastic feeling in fast topspin rallies;
  • middle-hard sponge sets new trends for offensive players.

    The new, offensive rubber with built-in speed-glue effect Made in Japan has been developed with the new technology Dynamic Tension. This new invention from our mother company in Japan gives your strokes maximum speed and a never seen rotation to the ball.

    The combination of middlehard sponge and the special Dynamic Tension technology guarantees enormous feeling, especially during long topspin rallies. But also in the serve- and receive game, TSP Agrit convinces through the top grip Japanese surface and the soft touch.

    Made in Japan.

    Speed: 107
    Spin: 92
    Control: 102

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